Zep® Orange Classic Industrial Hand Cleaner w/Pumice -Gal.

Zep® Orange Classic Industrial Hand Cleaner w/Pumice -Gal.

Item # ZP-1046475

  • Heavy-duty, citrus scented hand cleaner with pumice. Uses citrus solvents to remove tough greases, oils, and odors.
  • Strong citrus solvents remove the toughest soils
  • Pumice effectively loosens embedded grime
Gal., 4/cs
Manufacturer #: R05160
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  • Non-Allergenic
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Your Hands. 

How Valuable Are They To Your Work . . . . ?

Zep Orange hand cleaner with pumice is tough enough to remove grease, oil and other nasty crud . . . while NOT drying the hell out of your hands like others do.  Pumice helps remove that grit and crud even faster.

Top Choice: 
Manufacturing Plants, Automotive, Building Engineers, Airports, Stadiums, Churches, Hospitals, Universities, Fire Departments, Government, Military, etc.

Pumice in (regardless of brand) hand soaps can + will collect in drain pipes . . . and over time cause potential very $$$ repairs to fix obstructed / clogged drains.  If that is a concern, there are other heavy duty hand soaps that used floating scrubbers (Kresto soap uses finely ground walnut shells) instead.

Orange.  Citrus Scent.  Pumice.  1 gallon refill cartridge.  4 per case.

When you just need it done right . . . and faster . . . the first time.

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