Windsor® Saber™ Compact Floor Scrubber-17"w/Pad Drivers

Windsor® Saber™ Compact Floor Scrubber-17"w/Pad Drivers

Item # WIND98403260

  • Small, simple to use, reliable scrubber that can increase productivity while making the job easier.
  • 20" W x 31" H x 40" L
  • 2-12V/100A/H batteries & 24V/8A automatic charger
  • 8 gallon solution & 10 gallon recovery tanks
17" w/Pad Drivers, 100AH, ea
Manufacturer #: 98403260
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On-board charger enables the operator to charge the machine quickly and easily. Large capacity solution and recovery tanks increase productivity. Simple, efficient vacuum system that completely dries the floor. Simple controls increase operator confidence and performance. Pad/brush assist propelling system increases productivity. Adjustable handle for comfortable use by any operator.

2-12V/100A/H batteries & 24V/8A automatic charger.

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