WinCup® Foam Vented Lid

WinCup® Foam Vented Lid

Item # WC-FFL32

  • Foam vented lid that has a snug fit on your larger food containers and bowls.
  • For 16FCS, 32FC, 10B
  • 500 per case
Manufacturer #: FFL32
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Others: $151.95/CS
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Vented Too.

Wincup FFL32 Wincup stay-on vented lids for Wincup foam containers . . . unlike other whimpy ones, Wincup lids stay where you expect them -- on.  Keeps cold-cold and hot-hot . . . so for those using these as food containers, their delicious food is loved by customers at home . . . rather than a big let down with crummy food experience. 

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Restaurants, Grocery, Deli, Gas Stations, Airports, Stadiums, Resorts & Hotels, Churches, Universities, Corporate Cafeterias, Military, etc. 

Translucent + vented lids.  500 lids per case.

When you just need it done right . . . and fast . . . the first time.

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