WinCup® Phade® Paper Wrapped Jumbo Straw - 7.75"

WinCup® Phade® Paper Wrapped Jumbo Straw - 7.75"

Item # WC-511167

Made with PHA, an earth-friendly material derived from canola oil. Naturally, this hardworking straw is home and industrial compostable and stands up to cold beverages better than paper, making it an appealing alternative for conscious consumers. It's the first of its kind in the US and you can be among the first to offer Phade[R] and show your customers you're committed to making better choices for the planet. For cold drinks only. Made in the USA.

7.75", 10/375/cs
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Marine Safe.

Compostable + Biodegradable.

Cold Drinks Only.

Turtles and other creatures of the sea no longer need to worry with the Phade marine safe biodegradable straw.  Unlike paper straws that cost way, way too much $$$ . . . and, get disgustingly soggy ang gross for customers . . . this Phade straw is the #1 choice for cold drinks (not for use with hot drinks . . . it will dissolve).

Top  Users:
-  Cruise Ships
-  Amusement Parks
-  Zoos
-  Hotels + Resorts
-  Airports + Stadiums
-  Theaters
-  Concessions
-  Restaurants + Bars
-  Office Buildings
-  Universities + Schools
-  Government
-  Military

Made with a derivative of natural canola oil.  In additional to being marine biodegradable, this Phade straw is also land-based biodegradable and compostable too.

Jumbo straws.  7.75" long.  Blue.  Sanitary paper wrap.  3750 straws per case.

When the sea and land . . . just matters more.

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