Ecolab® Pinnacle 10 lb. Two Step Tile Polish - Step #2

Ecolab® Pinnacle 10 lb. Two Step Tile Polish - Step #2

Item # VC-62770413

The first part freshens grout lines and prepares the tile for polishing to a high gloss with the use of Tile Polish #2. The second part promotes a high gloss on most vitrified, unglazed ceramic, porcelain and quarry tile floors.

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Manufacturer #: 62770413
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Ecolab Pinnacle 62770413 Step 2 (Step 1 is VC-62770411) professional marble, stone and ceramic stone tile polish restores the elegant luster and shine of worn-down floors or walls.

Unlike other "polishes", this product penetrates stone to restore for the long-term.

This product is Step #1 of a two step restoration process. Step #2 is VC-62770413. When you need it done right the first time . . . and want your work to last a long time . . . use Pinnacle polish.

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