Enforcer® Formula 777 E.C.™ Weed Killer - Gal.

Enforcer® Formula 777 E.C.™ Weed Killer - Gal.

Item # UN-AMR136423

  • A concentrated product that contains the proven active herbicide ingredient, Bromacil, incorporated in a biodegradable, renewable resource base.
  • Built-in emulsifiers
  • Kills annual and perennial grasses and weeds
Gal., 4/cs
Manufacturer #: EECWK128
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Allows for economical water dilution to be applied as a spray on non-cropland areas, where bare ground is desired. Kills by absorption through the leaves, and absorption of product from the soil into the roots. Provides control of all vegetation for up to one season. Very low toxicity to both man and animals.

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