TC® AutoFlush® Clamp System - Urinal, Chrome

TC® AutoFlush® Clamp System - Urinal, Chrome

Item # TC-401804

  • Ensures your urinals & toilets are always flushed, odor-free & presentable. Eliminates cross-contamination from handle touching & odors from unflushed fixtures.
  • 3 9/16" D x 5 5/16" W x 3 5/8" H
  • Infrared object lock technology controls flushing
Chrome, Urinal, 6/cs
Manufacturer #: 401804
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  • ADA Version
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Easy 1 minute installation with no water shut off and no tools required for installation or replacement of batteries. Built in "daily flush" prevents sewer gas from escaping due to dry traps in unused fixtures. Since the handle remains in place it can be easily turned back into a manual flush operation. 3 year warranty against defects in parts & workmanship. Contains: AutoFlush® Clamp unit & tools & 4 C batteries

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