Diversey J-Fill® QuattroSelect® Safe Gap Dispenser

Diversey J-Fill® QuattroSelect® Safe Gap Dispenser

Item # SJ-D3754220

  • Wall-mounted dispenser accurately dispenses any of the four products into bottles, buckets, or floor care machines.
  • Uses pre-tipped bottles to ensure dilution accuracy
  • Has two doors that are lockable to prevent theft
  • Meets ASSE 1055-B back-flow prevention requirements
Manufacturer #: 3754220
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  • Avoid OSHA $$$ + Lawsuits
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Avoid OSHA $$$ Fines.

Safer + Faster Filling.

Correctly . . . Every Time.

Diversey JFill Quattro Select JFill Safe Gap (back-flow preventer) cleaning chemicals dispenser unit quickly and easily attaches to any wall (fasteners included.)  Holds 4 JFill bottles.  Simple push of button, your staff safely and quickly can fill their:  bottles, mop buckets + floor cleaning machine tanks.

  Top Users  
Hospitals, Schools, Office Buildings, Nursing Homes, Universities, Churches, Airports, Theaters, Stadiums, Amusement Parks, Zoos, Manufacturing, Automotive, Resorts + Hotels, Malls, Government, Museums, Fire Departments, Military, etc.

Dispensing unit automatically dilutes ultra concentrate cleaners to the correct dilution -- impressing your local OSHA inspectors who look for the unsafer glug-gluggers. 

Locking cabinet for greatest safety + stop theft.  Safe gap back flow device meets all local laws for having back-flow prevention device.

Dramatically lowers $$$ cleaning chemical costs over the year up to $13,000 (for large buildings).  The secret -- concentrates way, way less than ready-to-use cleaners.

Rugged non-rusting steel cabinet.  Locking doors.  Also includes:  4' water inlet hose + 8' remove mop bucket filling hose + 8' drip tray drainage hose.  Operates in water pressure range of 30-85 psi.  

When safety and health of others (including your own) . . .  just matters more.

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