Diversey Wood Care Small T-Bar Applicator Pad - 24"

Diversey Wood Care Small T-Bar Applicator Pad - 24"

Item # SJ-99042

  • Pad for applying a smooth and even layer of finish.
24", ea
Manufacturer #: 99042
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For Ultra Smooth Non-Streaking Wood Floor Finish


For Both Wood Floor Sealer + Floor Finish / Wax

Diversey 99042 Jon Wood floor finish applicator pad is a professional, commercial-grade gym floor finish applicator pad that ensures a level high-gloss look . . . unlike the whimpy cheapy wax applicator pads that leave horrid ugly looking streaks . . . for the world to see.  

Not the kind of work attention you want from administrators and others.  

Diversey JonWood T Bar finish applicator pad.  24".  

Top Choice:  Universities, Schools, Home, Class A Offices, Resorts & Hotels, Museums, Country Clubs, etc.  

When your image & reputation matters more . . . .

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