Diversey™ Gum Remover - 6.5 oz.

Diversey™ Gum Remover - 6.5 oz.

Item # SJ-95628817

  • Effective in removing chewing gum and candle wax on hard surfaces such as tables, chairs and floors. Fruity scent. WoolSafe approved.
  • No chlorofluorocarbons, will not harm the ozone layer
  • Quickly freezes material for easy removal
6.5 oz., 12/cs
Manufacturer #: 95628817
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Pro Power

Blasts Nastiest + Toughest . . . 

Caked-On Gum . . . From Carpet + Concrete + Upholstery

Diversey 95628817 gum remover spray is a commercial-strength gum and wax remover . . . blasts the oldest, nastiest dried gum or wax from carpets, rugs upholstery, tables, chairs, floors, etc.  

Top Choice:  Resorts & Hotels, Class A Offices, Universities, Schools, Airports, Theaters, Stadiums, Museums, etc.  This is NOT a harsh solvent-based gum remover like all the others . . . this product actually freezes the gum and wax . . . making it brittle to flake off whatever surface it's stuck to.  

6.5oz spray can.  12 per case.

When you need it done right & fast the first time . . . .  

Helpful in removing gum and candle wax from some types of carpet and upholstery. Refrigerant freezes the gum or wax to release adhesion with the surface. Versatile formula that is effective on many gummy materials, including chewing gum, tar, wax and more. Spotter designed for removal of gummy materials from carpets, upholstery and hard surfaces.

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