Diversey™ Prominence™ Heavy Duty Floor Cleaner - 5 L RTD®

Diversey™ Prominence™ Heavy Duty Floor Cleaner - 5 L RTD®

Item # SJ-94996458

  • A highly effective cleaner designed to remove soils and oils without dulling or altering the appearance of your floor. Quickly emulsifies dirt for fast removal.
  • pH neutral when diluted
  • Clear yellow-green in color with a fruity scent
  • Green Seal[TM] certified
5 L RTD®, ea
Manufacturer #: 94996458
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  • Biodegradable
  • Blasts It Faster
  • Green + LEED
Others: $325.60/EA
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Floor Pros Know . . . 

ProPower Cleaners =

Way, Way Less Back-Breaking Work

Diversey 94996458 Prominence Floor Cleaner is a commercial-strength professional floor cleaner specially engineered for cleaning & restoring $$$ expensive: concrete polished floors and wood floors. Don't ruin $1,000s of flooring by incorrectly using wrong cleaner on your floor . . . there's a difference.

Top Choice:  
polished concrete floors, grocery, retail, theaters, airports, stadiums, churches, schools, gym floors, sport courts, basketball courts, bowling alleys and all other wood flooring in homes & businesses.  

Better yet . . . one container makes = 641 gallons of floor cleaner.  

Unlike other floor cleaners that leave a terrible looking dullness . . . Prominence drys without leaving that ugly haziness.  Ultra concentrates way, way less expensive than ready-to-use floor cleaners.  

RTD bottle for fast and error-free measuring & diluting.  5 liters.

When you need it done right and fast . . . the first time.

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