Diversey™ Bravo® Power Foam Floor Stripper - 23 oz.

Diversey™ Bravo® Power Foam Floor Stripper - 23 oz.

Item # SJ-94966769

  • Extra heavy duty, ready-to-use, fast-acting foam stripper for spot build-ups especially around baseboards. Clear white in color with a light solvent scent.
23 oz., 12/cs
Manufacturer #: 94966769
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Nastiest Old + Thick.

Floor Wax + Sealer.

Diversey 94966769 Bravo power foam spray stripper is a commercial-strength, foam wax and sealer stripper used to blast nastiest cake-on old floor wax and sealer from floors and baseboards . . . unlike whimpy cheapy sprays, Bravo doesn't require the arm-aching and back-breaking suffering the whimpy ones make you endure . . . save the work-out for the gym.  

  Ideal for  
-  stairwells
-  corners
-  small areas you don't have time to use mop
-  baseboards splashed with wax + sealer

Just spray +  wait  +  wipe.  

Execs and others are paying close attention to your work . . . this detail matters and if you fail to get it right, that's not a good career move . . . they'll think you have ZERO pride in your work.  

Aerosol spray foam.  Removes floor finish, floor wax + floor sealer.  12 cans per case.

When you just need it done right . . . and faster . . . the first time.

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