Diversey™ Oxivir® Tb Disinfectant Cleaner Wipes- 60 ct.

Diversey™ Oxivir® Tb Disinfectant Cleaner Wipes- 60 ct.

Item # SJ-5388471

  • Ready-to-use disinfectant cleaner wipes based on proprietary hydrogen peroxide (AHP[R]) technology to deliver fast, effective cleaning performance.
  • Disinfects in 60 seconds
  • Kills MRSA and Norovirus. 7" x 8".
60 ct., 12/cs
Manufacturer #: 5388471
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  • Flu+RSV+Covid Weapon
  • C-Diff + MRSA
  • Attacks Norovirus + Ecoli
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Diversey 5388471 Oxivir wipes TB Disinfectant wipes quickly and conveniently attack dangerous invisible viruses, bacteria and spores that threaten the lives of the young, elderly and sick. You have a moral and ethical duty to protect those who can't protect themselves . . . do it right for them.  

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Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Doctors Offices, Day Care Centers, Fitness Centers, Grocery, Airports, Stadiums, Theaters, Resorts & Hotels, Restaurants, Churches, Military, etc.   . . . and all other places where correct disinfecting is absolutely critical.

   Kill Time:  1 minute    See label for more details.

60 wipes per pop-up container.  12 containers per case.  Wipe + Go.

When safety and health of others (including your own)  . . . just matters most.

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