Diversey™ Vectra® Floor Finish - 5 Gal. BIB

Diversey™ Vectra® Floor Finish - 5 Gal. BIB

Item # SJ-5105047

  • Provides diamond-like brilliance, clarity and durability. Cures on the floor faster than traditional floor coatings.
  • Resists dirt embedment, black heel marks, scratching
5 Gal. BIB, ea
Manufacturer #: 5105047
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Brilliant Shine

Propower Protection

Faster + Easier to Apply

Diversey 5105047 Vectra Floor Finish is rugged and durable to stand-up to toughest traffic areas near front doors, hallways and other areas where you want to look your best. Extend the time between scrub and recoating -- among the most time consuming jobs.  

Works with UHS equipment. Responds well to 175 through 1500 RPM floor machines.  

Top Users: 
Resorts & Hotels, Hospitals, Class A Offices, Restaurants, Grocery, Museums, Stadiums, Theaters, Airports, Universities, Military, etc.  

Unlike whimpy cheapy floor wax . . . Vectra resists scratching and scuffing.  Execs are paying close attention to your work . . . don't get noticed for the wrong reasons.

When you just need it done right . . . and faster . . . the first time.

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