Diversey™ Virex® II 256 Disinfectant Cleaner/Deodorant

Diversey™ Virex® II 256 Disinfectant Cleaner/Deodorant

Item # SJ-5019317

  • A one-step, quaternary-based disinfectant cleaner concentrate providing broad spectrum disinfection at 1:256 dilution. Bactericidal, virucidal and fungicidal.
  • Dilution Rate: 1:256
  • Minty scent
1.4 L, SmartDose™, 2/cs
Manufacturer #: 5019317
  • Coronavirus Weapon
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  • Concentrates Cut Costs
  • C-Diff + MRSA
  • Attacks Pathogens
  • Attacks Norovirus + Ecoli
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Diversey 5019317 Virex II 256 Disinfectant Cleaner is a professional, healthcare-grade cleaner that attacks dangerous invisible spores & pathogens that threaten lives of the young, elderly and sick . . . meet your moral duty to protect those who can't protect themselves . . . or, Karma just might track you down.

Top Users: 
Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Day Care, Fitness Centers, Surgical Centers, Urgent Care, Doctors Offices, Stadiums, Airports, Theaters, Manufacturing Plants, Hotels & Resorts, Restaurants, Universities, Schools, Grocery, Deli, Churches, Fire Departments, Military, etc.  

Attacks + Kills: 
Kills microorganisms including HIV-1, VRE, MRSA, GRSA, MRSE, VISA, PRSP, Herpes Simplex Types 1 & 2, Influenza Type A2, Adenovirus Type 2, Rotavirus and many more. 

Highly concentrated quaternary formula provides excellent one-step, cost-effective cleaning and disinfection. Use solution is neutral to floor finish so it will not dull, pit or soften floor finishes.  

Ultra-concentrate Smartdose 1.4L containers.  2 per case.  1 case = makes 190 gallons of power disinfectant cleaner!

When health & safety of others (including your own)  . . . just matters most.

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