Stone Medic® 4" Velcro Backup Pad For Flex Tool

Stone Medic® 4" Velcro Backup Pad For Flex Tool

Item # SI-92032036

Heavy duty variable speed polisher. Lower rpm precision machine for all demanding polishing applications. Standard equipment includes (1) grip cover and (1) side handle. Includes 8" pads for use on hand tool, Brush for flex tool, 7" pad driver for flex tool, 4" velcro backup pad for flex tool, Ground fault interrupter and 8" #0 texsteel pads.

4" Velcro Backup Pad, EA
Manufacturer #: 92032036
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Stone Medic 92032036 stone polishing flex disk pad is a commercial-grade -- but easy to use -- hand-held polisher that restores $$$ expensive stone like marble, granite, etc. to their glory . . . at a fraction of the cost of hiring a contractor. Do-It-Yourself and save $$$ 1,000s. Execs are paying attention to your work . . . get noticed for the right reasons. When your image & reputation matters more . . . .

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