Tork® Black Spindle for 2-Ply T26

Tork® Black Spindle for 2-Ply T26

Item # SC-AT26BT

  • Only for 100292A.
Manufacturer #: AT26BT
  • ADA Version
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  ADA Compliant Version  

Rugged + Stronger

Easily Converts TP Holder to Hold 3x More TP = Less-Angry Folks!

Tork AT26BT spindle allows tork T26 toilet paper to fit in the following Bobrick toilet paper dispensers: BO-B347, BO-B3471, BO-B3474, BO-B3479, BO-B357, BO-B3571, BO-B3574 and BO-B3579.

This rugged spindle converts these toilet paper dispensers to hold SCA's high-capacity T26 toilet paper . . . so there are less run-outs!

Don't anger your employees or visitors.

When your hard-earned, valuable image and reputation . . . matters more.

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