Tork® Signature Xpressnap® Stand Napkin Dispenser - Red

Tork® Signature Xpressnap® Stand Napkin Dispenser - Red

Item # SC-6336000

  • Finding space to place napkin dispensers in high-traffic restaurants can be a challenge, our counter-saving dispenser can be wall-mounted and utilized quickly.
  • Compatible with Tork N4 refills: DX906E, DX900, 109906, 100990, 109080, 109000
  • Compatible with Tork N4 refills: 908EX, 729124, 306200
  • 24.5" H x 9.3" W x 9.3" D
Red, ea
Manufacturer #: 6336000
  • **  39 - 79% Off Sale  **
  • ADA Version
  • Slash Napkin Costs
  • Attacks Pathogens
Others: $45.68/EA
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Wasted $$$ Fistfulls . . . ?

SCA Tork 6336000 Xpressnap dispenser does what all the other don't: save you lots $$$ by not allowing fist-fulls of napkins. Better yet, your local health department will appreciate you taking steps to promote sanitation.  

24.5" H x 9.25" W x 9.25" D.  Holds up to 1000 napkins.  Chili Red color.

  ADA Compliant Version  

When your hard-earned image and reputation . . . just matters more.

Made with durable, easy-to-clean parts and an AD-A-Glance® customizable advertising window to maximize marketing space. Plus, our one-at-a-time dispensing system improve hygiene and reduces dispenser napkin consumption by at least 25% compared to traditional dispensers.

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