Tork® Giant Roll Paper Wiper Plus - 800'

Tork® Giant Roll Paper Wiper Plus - 800'

Item # SC-430304

  • A multipurpose paper wiper that is ideal for picking up liquids and hand wiping. Absorption excellent for cleaning up both oil and water. W1 system.
  • Strong and durable, wont tear easily and can be reused
  • 1 ply; White; 11.1" W x 12.3" dia.
  • Sheet length: 12"; Core: 3"
800', ea
Manufacturer #: 430304
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  • Blasts It Faster
  • Biodegradable
Others: $115.84/EA
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Can be used in either the Tork® Floor or Wall Stand dispensers, which are designed for safety, efficiency and reliability. With the easy load and tear off features - you can dispense the amount of material needed with one hand. Particularly good for cleaning glass - does not leave any lint or streaks on surfaces. Has NSF P1 certification, is HACCP International Food Safety certified (FZS), and contains 85% paper content (80% recycled, 20% post industrial) and 15% synthetic emulsion.

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