Tork® Premium Alcohol Hand Sanitizer - 1 L

Tork® Premium Alcohol Hand Sanitizer - 1 L

Item # SC-400016

  • Contains aloe and panthenolis, 62% alcohol, has a E3 rating and is CDC recommended. Portion control dispenser prevents overuse, dispenses 1 mL every time.
  • This 1 liter bottle allows for 1000 hand washes
  • Collapsible refill, 70% less waste. Discontinued.
  • Sealed system, guaranteed quality plus hygienic! 6/cs
1 L, 6/cs
Manufacturer #: 400016S
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  • Flu+RSV+Covid Weapon
  • Most Popular
  • C-Diff + MRSA
  • Attacks Pathogens
  • Attacks Norovirus + Ecoli
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E3 NSF  +  CDC  +  FDA  Compliant

Tork 400016 Tork instant hand sanitizer refills are CDC approved and contain 62% alcohol along with important aloe  . . .  unlike the "home made" harsh hand sanitizers that can chemically burn skin and hands.  

Top  Users:
Hospitals, Doctors Offices, Urgent Cares, Surgical Centers, Day Care Centers, Office Buildings, Airports, Theaters, Stadiums, Amusement Parks, Zoos, Schools, Universities, Churches, Fitness Centers, Hotels + Resorts, Grocery, Deli, Retail Stores, Malls, Manufacturing Plants, Automotive, Government, Police Departments, Fire Departments, Ambulances, Military, etc.

1000 squirts per refill.  Empty bottles are recyclable too.

E3 NSF compliant hand sanitizer approved for use in foodservice establishments.

1000ml refill cartridge.  6 refill cartridges per case.

When health and safety of others (including your own) . . . just matters more.

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