Slow Speed Scrubber & Buffer Rental, Daily Rate

Slow Speed Scrubber & Buffer Rental, Daily Rate


  • Don't have the need or capital to buy a hugely expensive new machine? Then, rent one from as short as 1 day up to 30 days.
Manufacturer #: RP-RENTSSB

A commercial-grade cord-electric floor polisher and burnisher cleans up to 5,000 square feet per hour… leaving shiny and clean floors. Get noticed by your boss, fellow employees and customers. Protect your reputation and brand, keep your floors looking immaculate. Get lazy, and watch your reputation dive. Rent the latest in technology, efficiency and speed. Delivery and pickup available at an additional nominal fee. Floor pads and cleaning chemicals are available at special wholesale discounted prices. 5 reasons why companies prefer renting: (1) only need machines for projects or short periods during the year, (2) can't afford to spend $$$ on expensive new machines that sit around more than they are used, (3) tired of maintenance hassles and expensive repairs, (4) staff constantly damaging and not taking proper care of floor machines; and (5) renting is far less $$$ and far less hassles.

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