Rubbermaid® Laundry Net - 36" L x 24" W

Rubbermaid® Laundry Net - 36" L x 24" W

Item # RB-U210

  • Helps protect mops and other cleaning items during laundering. Locking closure keeps pads and cloths secure.
  • Provides easy organization for multiple cleaning crews
  • White
36"L x 24"W, 12/cs
Manufacturer #: U210
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Faster + Easier

Way, Way Less Hassles

Rubbermaid U210 Mesh Laundry bag is a rugged, commercial-grade laundry net that holds up over the long run, unlike the others that quickly fall apart.

Ideal for clothing, floor mops, microfiber and anything else you want to wash together. Draw string keeps contents together.  

White mesh bag with string tie closure.  Commercial-grade.  Can put in any washing machine.  36"L x 24"W.  

When you just need it done right . . . and faster . . . the first time.

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