Rubbermaid® HYGEN™ Microfiber High Absorbency Pad - 18", Blue

Rubbermaid® HYGEN™ Microfiber High Absorbency Pad - 18", Blue

Item # RB-Q416

  • HYGEN[TM] microfiber is proven to remove 99.7% or more of tested viruses and bacteria.
  • Addresses big spills by absorbing up to 24 oz. of liquid
  • Patented zig-zag design is made of polyester and polypropylene for added scrubbing power
  • Optimized face material construction balances drag force and cleaning efficacy for an effortless experience
  • Tested to withstand 200 launderings to CDC guidelines in hot water (160°F) with chlorine bleach
  • Absorbent inner layers help hold enough solution to clean up to 250 sq ft.
  • Fits on HYGEN[TM] 17" Quick Connect frame 1863893 & Q560
18", Blue, 6/cs
Manufacturer #: Q416
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  • Blasts It Faster
  • Attacks Pathogens
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Floor Pros Know . . . .

Microfiber Floor Pad Mops . . . .

Blasts Nastiest Crud + Crap . . . Way, Way Faster.

Rubbermaid Q416 ultra dense and absorbent wet floor cleaning pad blasts nastiest crud and crap way, way faster  . . . unlike other whimpy floor pads.  Grabs and holds dirt, dangerous microbes and dust . . . rather than just pushing and spreading that nasty funk.

Top Users: 
Hospitals, Universities, Schools, Airports, Theaters, Stadiums, Hotels & Resorts, Restaurants, Fitness Centers, Daycare, Amusement Parks, Zoos, Grocery, Deli, Retail Stores, Nursing Homes, Manufacturing Plants, Fire Departments, Doctors Offices, Surgical Centers, Dental Offices, Laboratories, Military, etc.

Longer life -- 500x+ launderable mop pads.  Ok to use bleach.  Zig-Zag scrub strips.  Blue.  18" x 5".  Fits any flat mop head frame.

When you just need it done right . . . and faster . . . the first time.

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