Rubbermaid® Web Foot® Shrinkless® Wet Mop -MD,5",Green

Rubbermaid® Web Foot® Shrinkless® Wet Mop -MD,5",Green

Item # RB-A25206GRN

  • Headband: 5"
  • Headband Color: Green
  • Mop Size: Medium
Medium, Green, 5", 6/cs
Manufacturer #: A252-06-GR
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Disgusting + Moldy + Mops!

Not with This . . . 

Mop Itself Contains Antibacterial Agent.

Rubbermaid specially engineered web foot wet floor cleaning mops not only blast the nastiest crud + crap there is . . . but, better yet, the mop itself contains antibacterial agent that inhibits growth of bacteria + mold between uses!

Avoiding cross-contamination with a disgusting moldy mop to "clean" floors is your duty.

Top  Users:
-  Hospitals + Nursing Homes
-  Doctors Offices + Urgent Cares
-  Schools + Universities
-  Day Cares
-  Hotels + Resorts
-  Theaters + Stadiums
-  Restaurants + Grocery
-  Office Buildings
-  Fire + Police
-  Military

Rugged 4ply blended mop not only blasts nastiest crud + crap faster . . . but, lasts way way longer than all those whimp mops requiring constant replacement $$$.

Green.  Launderable.  Colorfast will not fade.  Antibacterial resistant to mold growth.

When you just need it done right . . . and faster . . . the first time.

Contains antimicrobial product protection, which inhibits the growth of bacteria that cause odors, stains and shortens useful product life. 4-ply, balanced blend of cotton and synthetic yarn is pre-laundered. Looped ends and tailbanding reduce tangling for like-new performance after every laundering. Colorfast colors will not fade with repeated launderings.

Headband: 5". Headband Color: Green. Mop Size: Medium.

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