Rubbermaid® WaveBrake® Side Press Combo - 35 Qt.,Yellow

Rubbermaid® WaveBrake® Side Press Combo - 35 Qt.,Yellow

Item # RB-758088YEL

Up to 80% less splash. Patented WaveBrake[R] baffles result in less splashing while mopping and maneuvering, helping to create a safer environment for patrons and staff. A built-in drain eliminates the strain of lifting and bending when emptying mop buckets. Integrated handles help ensure a secure grip to lift and empty the mop bucket. Designed to last 5 years or 200,000 wringing cycles.

35 Qt., Yellow, ea
Manufacturer #: 7580-88-Y
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Old School Buckets Cause a Mess.

But . . . Wave Break Stops Sloshing . . . 

Keeping Water in the Bucket!

Rubbermaid's WaveBreak 758088  is a commercial-grade mop bucket with ergonomic mop wringer that offers a easy-to-use side press wringer on a 35 quart bucket.  

Fast and easy to dump dirty water into either a standard toilet or floor drain . . . and, best of all, design prevents water from splashing out all over the place making a mess.  Unlike whimpy cheapy mop buckets that give you arm-aching and back-breaking suffering . . . Rubbermaid WaveBreak does the nasty work for you . . . save the work-out for the gym.  

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Hospitals, Class A Offices, Resorts & Hotels, Airports, Theaters, Stadiums, Restaurants, Universities, Schools, Grocery, Churches, Military, etc.  

Yellow.  Large 35 quart bucket.  Sidepress mop wringer.

When you need it done right and fast the first time . . . .

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