Rubbermaid® Plaza™ Container - 50 Gal., Beige

Rubbermaid® Plaza™ Container - 50 Gal., Beige

Item # RB-3964BEI

  • Contemporary styling with side-opening door for "no lift" waste removal.
  • Spring-loaded doors conceals contents, traps odors, and prevents pest intrusion
  • Includes bolt-down capability
  • Does not included rigid liner
  • 24.7" x 25.2" x 42.1"
50 Gal., Beige, ea
Manufacturer #: 3964-BG
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  • ADA Version
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ADA Compliant Version.

Outdoor + Indoor Trash Can

When you need an outdoor or indoor trash can to hold up to the toughest conditions . . . and people . . . Rubbermaid Plaza trash containers offer best of classy design + ruggedness.

Side unloading door spares staff work comp $$$ lawsuits caused by having to lift up heavy trash bags of crud + crap.  Spring loaded swing doors also keep odors inside.  

Trash can includes bolts if you want to secure trash can too.

Top Users:
  Stadiums, Office Buildings, Theaters, Airports, Amusement Parks, Zoos, Churches, Universities, Concession Stands, Schools, Fitness Centers, Malls, Resorts + Hotels, Government, Military, etc.

Beige.  50 gallon capacity.  Rigid liner also available (sold here separately) to keep things tidier + cleaner.

When you just need it done right . . . the first time.

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