Rubbermaid® Adaptable Flat Mop Kit

Rubbermaid® Adaptable Flat Mop Kit

Item # RB-2132426

  • Kit includes: One Adaptable Flat Mop Frame (2132428), Two Adaptable Flat Mop Pads (2132427), One Wringer Insert (2132425), One Quick-Connect Handle.
  • Made for ergonomic microfiber mopping in large spaces using your existing WaveBrake[R] Bop Bucket
  • Microfiber pads are tested to withstand up to 200 commercial launderings, 100 with bleach
  • Microfiber pad removes 99.7% or more of tested viruses and bacteria with water only
  • Red clips are built to withstand up to 24 lbs of force for a strong connection to compatible mop pads
  • Frame does not require adjustment to alternate between two different mopping functions
  • Strong black tabs connect to frame via red clips to hold mop pad on during rinsing and wringing
  • Pads are made of high-quality polyester/nylon split microfiber
Manufacturer #: 2132426
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Floors dry 4X faster when mopping with Adaptable Flat Mop microfiber pads, compared to TCP large cotton string mops. Adaptable Flat Mop microfiber pad weighs 70% less when fully soaked than RCP large cotton string mops. Mop system offers 2 different usage functions: Tab Function combines powerful microfiber mopping with the trusted WaveBrake® Bucket. Pocket Function allows for simple microfiber mopping with Spray Mop handles. Ideal for cleaning heavy duty large areas.

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