Rubbermaid® Pulse™ Mopping Kit w/Single-Sided Frame

Rubbermaid® Pulse™ Mopping Kit w/Single-Sided Frame

Item # RB-1835528

  • Industry best microfiber, on-board reservoir, and user-controlled release of solution mean cleaner floors faster, easier, and more effectively.
  • Clean more square feet in less time with this product.
  • Weighs only 4 lbs when fully loaded with solution
  • 56" L x 4..88" W x 3.75" H; 21 oz capacity. Yellow.
Manufacturer #: Q969
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  • $0 Express Delivery
  • Avoid OSHA $$$ + Lawsuits
  • Blasts It Faster
  • Attacks Pathogens
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Rubbermaid 1835528 Pulse Speed Mopping handle is . . . well, think about no more back-breaking and arm-aching swinging disgusting dirty mop heads and having to haul around a sloshing mop bucket.  This is Swiffer on steriods.  Nothing is worse than having to mop floors the old fashioned way. With this bucketless mop handle . . . no more body aches and get the job done right in 80% less time. Lightweight 4 pounds lets your cruise getting work done.  

Red ergonomic trigger handle dispenses three streams of cleaning solution with each press.  High-capacity refillable floor cleaner reservoir holds 21 oz of floor cleaner.  Reservoir windows allow easy monitoring of fluid level.  18" Quick-Connect Frame included.  Also works with Rubbermaid 11" and 24" Quick-Connect Frames and Pads.  Still want to use that old mop bucket?

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