ProTeam® Motor/Fan w/Crimps

ProTeam® Motor/Fan w/Crimps

Item # PT-105162

  • For Super CoachVac HEPA, Super QuarterVac HEPA, MegaVac
Manufacturer #: 105162
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Proteam 105162 backpack vacum motor is a rugged, commercial-strength Proteam vacum motor with a cooling fan that fits any Proteam backpack vacum cleaner, including SuperCoach, LineVacer, TailVac, etc. backpack vacum cleaners.  Unlike whimpy cheapy motors that are way, way too weak . . . Proteam vacum motor sucks it faster . . . getting you the attention you deserve from Execs and others paying close attention to your work.  Quickly and easily replace broken or old vacum motors . . . saves your $$$ ton money rather than having to buy expensive new vacum.  Top Choice:  Resorts & Hotels, Class A Offices, Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Universities, Schools, Airports, Theaters, Stadiums, Restaurants, Country Clubs, Fitness Centers, Day Care, Military, etc.  When you need it done right & fast the first time . . . .

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