ProTeam® Intercept Micro Filters Fits Everest

ProTeam® Intercept Micro Filters Fits Everest

Item # PT-103191

  • To safeguard the Indoor Air Quality of your facilities and to optimize the performance of your vacuum cleaner, change filters once they are half full.
  • Fits Everest
Manufacturer #: 103191
  • HEPA Spores + Allergy Filter
  • $0 Express Delivery
  • Most Popular
  • Non-Allergenic
  • Attacks Pathogens
Others: $26.11/PK

ProTeam's Four Level Filtration system provides advanced protection against there introduction of pollutants back into an environment. ProTeam's Intercept Micro Filters have 21% more filtration area than non-pleated filters. Fully laminated inner liner eliminates shredding. Dual layered construction captures fine particles, improving Indoor Air Quality. Intercept microbial treatment helps contain odors and prevent the growth of mold and bacteria.

Proteam 103191 Intercept Micro Filter for Everest vacuums traps harmful spores, dust and pollen from becoming airborne and inhaled by the vacumer . . . as well as others nearby. Long lasting filter pays for itself. When your image matters . . . .

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