ProTeam® Vac Station

ProTeam® Vac Station

Item # PT-102947

  • The Vac Station helps operators of any height easily slip on and off any ProTeam backpack vacuum.
  • Measures 22" long, 8.5" high, and 14" deep
Manufacturer #: 102947
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Mounted on a sturdy steel adjustable wall bracket, the ProTeam Vac Station helps keep janitorial supply closets uncluttered and keeps track of your backpack vacuum accessories, tools and spare filters. Sturdy steel adjustable wall bracket allowing for 20" of travel. Crevice and floor tools easily slide into special compartments behind the vacuum.

ProTeam 102947 Vac station is a professional, commercial-grade store shelf to store a Proteam backpack vacuum, tools, cords, etc. all in one convenient spot. Avoid expensive $$$ damage to your backpacks when they're left on the floor, hanging from a hook, etc. When you need your people organized . . . .

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