DCT Delimer, Odorless, 2 oz Packet, 48/Carton

DCT Delimer, Odorless, 2 oz Packet, 48/Carton

Item # PGC00005

  • Designed to remove built-up mineral deposits.
  • Provides safe cleaning for food processing equipment.
  • Available in liquid bottles and powder packets.
Manufacturer #: PGC 00005
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Contains mild acids and specially selected surfactants to remove hard water deposits and remove rusted areas from commonly found surfaces in food service.

Application: Descaler/Cleaner; Applicable Material: Chubb Warmer; Coffee Machines; Dishwashers; General Equipment Deliming; Ice Machine; Icemakers; Steamers; Dirt Types: Limescale; Mineral Deposits; Scent: Odorless.

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