Ossian Triple Melt® Ice Melter - 50# Bag

Ossian Triple Melt® Ice Melter - 50# Bag

Item # OS-IM6450

  • When you need to get to a safe surface fast, Triple Melt[R] with Activar[R] can get you there & save you money along the way.
  • Sub-zero melting,15% calcium/magnesium chloride agglomerate
  • Safer for concrete and vegetation
  • Anti-caking agent
50# Bag, ea
Manufacturer #: IM6450
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  • Avoid OSHA $$$ + Lawsuits
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  • Winter Must-Haves
  • Blasts It Faster
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-15 Degrees.

Avoid Massive Lawsuits $$$.

Ossian Triple Melt IM6450 Ice Melt is a commercial-strength, professional ice melter that destroys ice and snow down to -15 degrees while others don't work that low.   

Avoid huge $$$ lawsuits, workcomp claims and angry folks falling because you failed to safely remove ice and snow from walks, etc. . . . Execs will have little patience for that lack of work on your part.  

Top Users:  Offices, Hospitals, Churches, Schools, Universities, Restaurants, Nursing Homes, Day Care, Fitness Centers, Resorts & Hotels, Airports, Theaters, Stadiums, Military, etc.  

50 pound bag.  Blue pellets act as convenient spread indicator . . . so you don't miss spots!  Kind to vegetation and plants.  

Melting Speed: Activar[R] speeds the conversion of dry ice melting salts to a liquid brine, this process results in faster melting action and a safer surface in less time.

When safety of others . . . just matters more.

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