NSS® Charger 2717 DB Battery Burnisher - 27" w/Sulky

NSS® Charger 2717 DB Battery Burnisher - 27" w/Sulky

Item # NS-6402734

  • Offset body keeps the operator centered in the workpath for greater visibility, while the low profile offset pad driver makes burnishing under shelves easy.
  • (6) 6V 325 AH batteries
  • Vac-Trac Dust Control
  • Wheel drive, built-in pad driver, on-board battery charger
27" w/Sulky, ea
Manufacturer #: 6402734
  • $0 Express Delivery
Others: $20,656.53/EA

Produces a wet-look shine without the need for operator adjustment. 70-80 pounds of pad pressure ensures a brilliant, high gloss shine no operator adjustment needed. Hinged 90° head mechanism for compact storage and standing pad changes. Durable chain-drive wheel enhances maneuverability. Ergonomic variable speed drive system assures tremendous productivity by allowing the operator to work at a comfortable pace.

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