NSS® Opti-Mist BB Battery Powered Backpack Sprayer - 4 Gal., Lithium-Ion

NSS® Opti-Mist BB Battery Powered Backpack Sprayer - 4 Gal., Lithium-Ion

Item # NS-4904944

  • Ideal for spot spraying or wide-area spraying where operator mobility is a must. This sprayer provides a consistent, controlled mist.
  • Tank mouth opening: 6"; Tank construction: Polyethylene; Pump type: 24V electric
  • Hose length: 48"; Hose material: Polyester reinforced PVC; Lock-on feature: Yes
  • Spray/Flow rate: 0.4 - 0.5 gpm; Operating pressure: 35-40 PSI
4 Gal., Lithium-Ion, ea
Manufacturer #: 4904944
  • $0 Express Delivery
  • Attacks Pathogens
Others: $678.96/EA


1 Tank  =  12,000 sqft sanitizing.


NSS backpack battery-powered disinfectant sprayer is specially engineered for those needing to disinfectant:

-  huge areas quickly  (classrooms, meeting rooms, chairs, desks, walls, door handles, hand rails, etc.)
-  not enough staff to do the old "spray + wipe" method that takes way, way too long

Top  Users:
Schools, Airports, Theaters, Office Buildings, Nursing Homes, Doctors Offices, Churches, Day Care Centers, Urgent Cares, Grocery Stores, Amusement Parks, Stadiums, Zoos, Restaurants, Resorts + Hotels, Universities, Malls, Manufacturing Plants, Food Production, Automotive, Convenience Stores, Government, Ambulances, Police, Fire Departments, Military, etc.

Sprayer Perks:
-  1 tank = 12,000 sq ft of coverage!
-  4 gallon disinfectant holding tank
-  Battery-powered lithium-ion rechargeable batteries.  2 hours run time.
-  Indestructible chemical-resistant holding tank.
-  48" longer reach spray hose
-  Lock-on spray =  way less staff hand fatigue
-  Fine Mist spray setting.  Best for door handles, hand rails, desks, chairs, etc.

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When health and safety of others (including your own) . . . just matters more.

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