NSS® Aero Plus Three-Speed Carpet Dryer

NSS® Aero Plus Three-Speed Carpet Dryer

Item # NS-4704722

  • Aero Plus, with its three speeds, moves large volumes of air across the floor, accelerating drying and reducing the time any area is out of service.
  • Input voltage: 115V, 60Hz; Motor: 0.5 HP, capacitor start/induction run
  • CFM: High: 1300 CFM; Medium: 850 CFM; Low: 700 CFM
  • Body construction: Rotomolded polyethylene housing
  • Cord: 34', 18-3 SJT
Manufacturer #: 4704722
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  • Blasts It Faster
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Adjustable to four positions, the Aero Plus allows you to direct the airflow exactly where you want it. The dryer is so versatile it can be used to dry carpeting, bare floors, floor finish, upholstered furniture and even ceilings. Stackable, it can be used in tandem with other units to further decrease drying time. The sturdy rotomolded polyethylene housing features a convenient, balanced handle that makes transport easy.

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