Koch OdorKleen ES Pleated Panel Filter - 20" x 25" x 1"

Koch OdorKleen ES Pleated Panel Filter - 20" x 25" x 1"

Item # KF-102790009

  • A MERV 8 extended surface pleated panel which offers a unique combination of particulate filtration and odor removal in a totally disposable unit.
20" x 25" x 1", MERV 8, 12/cs
Manufacturer #: 102-790-009
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  • Non-Allergenic
  • HEPA Spores + Allergy Filter
Others: $340.71/CS

The filter media utilized in OdorKleen ES panels is a dual purpose multi-layer product, designed to collect airborne particulate and remove odors and other gasses from the air stream. 100% mechanical media provides high efficiency, excellent dust holding capacity throughout the filter's lifecycle with a MERV 8 performance rating before and after conditioning steps when tested in accordance to ASHRAE Test Standard 52.2-2012. The upstream layer provides an efficiency rating of 70% for 3 to 10 micrometers. The downstream odor removal layer is impregnated with carbon media for absorption of volatile organic compounds (VOC's) from the air stream. This carbon media carries a minimum activation of 60%, insuring high odor absorption efficiency, and extended lifecycles between filter changes. The OdorKleen ES can be used in several types of applications to remove odor and particulates in a wide variety of installations, with light to moderate contaminate levels: Commercial Office Buildings, Airports, Sports Arenas, Hospitals, Schools, Painting Facilities, Industrial Plants, Smoking Lounges.

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