Koch Multi-Pleat XL8 Semi-Standard Pleated Filter

Koch Multi-Pleat XL8 Semi-Standard Pleated Filter

Item # KF-102041299

The Multi-Pleat XL8 is a medium efficiency extended surface pleated panel filter, engineered to provide higher initial efficiencies and overall superior performance than standard pleated filters. The Multi-Pleat XL8 media is produced with an optimal blend of highly specialized fibers, developed specifically for use in extended surface air filters. Developed to deliver a "one of a kind" performance, this specialized media operates on mechanical filtration principles which provide high efficiency, low pressure drop and high dust holding capacity. The Multi-Pleat XL8 maintains a MERV 8 performance rating before and after conditioning steps when tested in accordance to ASHRAE Test Standard 52.2-2012.

10" x 26" x 1", MERV 8, 12/cs
Manufacturer #: 102-041-299
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  • Non-Allergenic
Others: $173.09/CS

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