Kimberly-Clark® Scottfold® 8.1" J Adapter

Kimberly-Clark® Scottfold® 8.1" J Adapter

Item # KC-770913

Folks taking + wasting huge wads of folded towels?  

This sleeve fixes that.  

Kimberly Clark 770913 is a sleeve that simply slides into your existing folded towel dispenser -- such as Bobrick, ASI, Bradley, etc. -- so it rests at the bottom.  The insert then dispensers towels one-at-a-time . . . and helps stop huge wads from being taken.  

ADA Compliant Version.  Insert is used with any brand of folded towel with a width of 8.25" or less.

When you just need it done right . . . and fast . . . the first time.

Manufacturer #: 770913
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  • ADA Version
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