Scott® Pro Recessed Wall Unit w/Trash Receptacle - Stainless Steel

Scott® Pro Recessed Wall Unit w/Trash Receptacle - Stainless Steel

Item # KC-35370

  • When combined with either the 31501 or 31498 Stainless Steel Dispenser (sold separately), provides a complete solution for the next generation of washroom.
  • 9.22 gallon capacity molded trash container is hidden behind a reversible stainless steel door
Manufacturer #: 035370
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  • ADA Version
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Elegant  +  Simple.

Rugged Stainless Steel.

  ADA Compliant Version  

Kimberly Clark 35370 stainless steel dispenser and trash can unit is an elegant and classy recessed towel and trash wall-unit for upscale restrooms.  

 This unit is intended for installations with 16" spacing between wall studs; and either the KC-31501 or KC-31498 MOD paper towel dispenser (available and sold separately below). 

Rugged and classy looking stainless steel will standup to the highest use and restroom traffic, plus just makes your restrooms look fantastic!  

9 gallon trash receptacle, larger than the standard size, means less labor changing trash . . . and less paper spilling onto floors.  

Ideal for new facilities or renovations.  54.5"H x 11.5"W x 4"D".  Specifically engineered for facilities with studs 16" on center.  Stainless steel design complements any decor to enhance the image of any facility.  Receptacle and liner only, does not include dispenser.  Due to space limitations when the studs are 12", the high capacity trash receptacle cannot be used.   
  Top Choice Upscale-Looking Restrooms  
Class A Offices, Hospitals, Hotels + Resorts, Retail Stores, Universities, Schools, Restaurants, Churches, Airports, Theaters, Stadiums, Museums, Country Clubs, etc. 

When your valuable, hard-earned image and reputation . . . just matters more.

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