Urinal "Out of Order" Cover, Disposable, Blue

Urinal "Out of Order" Cover, Disposable, Blue

Item # JO-JC301B

  • Stop! Stop using tacky trash bags and goofy hand written signs that everyone ignores any way.
  • Blue
Manufacturer #: JO-JC301B
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. . . Disgusting!

Don't Embarrass  . . . Yourself.  

Don't Embarrass  . . . Your business + Staff + Customers + Execs.

  Discounted Bulk Pack of 3  

Urinals break.  It happens.  But for God sakes . . . stop using those horrible looking + tacky trash bags to cover-up the broken urinal!  If you have a shred of class + dignity how your business looks . . . then use a simple, professional-looking "Out of Order" Johnny cover.

Your employees and customers want to see a shred of class in your restroom.  Johnny Covers are rugged + washable + proper-looking urinal covers that quickly and easily fit all types and sizes of urinals, including waterless urinals. 

Prevents jerks and knuckleheads for ignoring signs and throwing trash causing expensive plumbing bills.

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Office Buildings, Airports, Train Stations, Theaters, Stadiums, Churches, Amusement Parks, Zoos, Hotels + Resorts, Retail Stores, Malls, Manufacturing Plants, Automotive, Hospitals, Convenience Stores, Gas Stations, Government, Military, etc.

Classy-looking and durable plastic cover has elastic sides to keep cover snug and tight . . . stop using ugly + tacky-looking garbage bags for Out of Order urinals. 

Blue.  Rugged vinyl.  Wipes clean + Washable.  3 commercial-grade urinal covers per pack.  Draw cord for tight + secure fit.

Protect your most valuable asset . . . your image and reputation. 

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