Impact® The Mopster™ Microfiber Bucketless Mop System

Impact® The Mopster™ Microfiber Bucketless Mop System

Item # IM-LBH18

  • Complete system includes 16" frame, 32 oz. bottle, disposable microfiber pad, and 54" handle. Lightweight and modular.
Manufacturer #: LBH18
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Annoying Hassle = 

Mop Stick +

Mop Bucket +

Dirt Water All Over

Impact LBH18 Bucketless mop handles is . . . well, think about no more back-breaking and arm-aching swinging disgusting dirty mop heads and having to haul around a sloshing mop bucket.   Nothing is worse than having to mop floors the old fashioned way.

Top Users:  Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Airports, Theaters, Stadiums, Day Care, Restaurants, Schools, Fitness Centers, Churches, Manufacturing Plants, Urgent Care, Surgical Centers, Doctors Offices, Gym Locker Rooms, Grocery, Deli, Fire Departments, Military, etc.

Complete system includes 18" x 5" velcro frame, 32 oz dispensing bottle, 54" handle, Instruction sheet, and chemical identification label sheet.  Heavy duty frame and 360° swivel.  

Eliminates waste water completely.  Interchangeable components such as the easily assembled frames, mop heads and removable bottles allows the user to stock multiple options on the maid's cart. 

From damp mopping to dusting, neutral cleaner to disinfectant, and hook-and-loop attaching heads to pockets, every option for every job is at your finger tips! 

Durable, ultra-light construction reduces user fatigue.  With this bucketless mop handle . . . no more body aches and get the job done right in 80% less time.  

18" x 5" standard frame size . . . fits any brand of 18" x 5" microfiber mop pads, including both wet mops and dry dust mops.

Still want that old mop and bucket?

When you just want it done right . . . and faster . . . the first time.

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