Impact® Commode Mat - Gray/Orchard Zing

Impact® Commode Mat - Gray/Orchard Zing

Item # IM-1550

  • Protect floors from stains and uric acid damage for up to 6 weeks with these mats. Contains fungicide (Busan[R] 11-m1) to fight germs; combats odor
  • Backing grips floor tightly to prevent sliding
  • Prevents puddling and floor damage. 23" x 21 5/8"
Gray, Orchard Zing Scent, 6/cs
Manufacturer #: 1550
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Impact 1550 urinal mats are a commercial-grade, professional urinal mat designed to basically catch, hold and deodorize urine  . . . from the majority of the male population who can't seem to hit the urinal.  Is it that difficult?  More importantly, this urinal mat protects expensive $$$ stone and tile floor finishes from corrosive urine (yes, urine is corrosive) that eats away at grout and floor surfaces . . . and worse, seeps deep down into floor grout where it creates an unbearable horrid foul odor . . . not what Execs and others what blasting them when entering your restrooms.  Top Choice Upscale Restrooms:  Class A Offices, Resorts & Hotels, Restaurants, Churches, Airports, Theaters, Stadiums, Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Schools, Universities, Museums, Military, etc.  

Urinal mats are impregnated with a fresh scent air freshner and fungicial agent that kills nasty . . . and horrid smelling bacteria.  6 mats per case.  Orchard Apple scent.  Lasts up to 90 days.  When your image and reputation matters most . . . .

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