HOSPECO® TASKBrand® Industrial OilSorb Rolls - 30"x150'

HOSPECO® TASKBrand® Industrial OilSorb Rolls - 30"x150'


  • Oil Only Melt Blown
30" x 150', ea
Manufacturer #: OS-INB-R1
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  • Avoid OSHA $$$ + Lawsuits
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OSHA $$$ Fines + Lawsuits =

 . . . Slip & Falls

Be Smarter. 

Commercial-grade oil absorbent and liquid cleanup and disposal pads are conveniently on a 150 foot roll, and perferated every 18" . . . unlike whimpy oil absorbent pads, Task oil pads actually trap and hold oil and other liquids.

Top Choice:  Automotive, Manufacturing Plants, Building Engineers, Airports, Office Buildings, Universities, Hospitals, Schools, Fitness Centers, Churches, Fire Departments, HVAC, Military, etc.

Execs and lawyers will crush your career if you failed to put something as simple as an absorbent pad down to quickly clean up spills and liquids . . . why chance it?

Liquids:  Oil, Grease, Water, Gasoline, Diesel, Radiator Fluid, Transmission Fluid, etc.

150 feet roll.  30" wide.  Perferated every 18".  

Large liquid holding capacity. Quick absorbency. Great for fast clean up. Long product life. Competes against heavy weight. Absorbs all liquids. Dimple design offers strength and low lint.

When safety of others (including your own) . . . just matters more.

Oil Only Melt Blown.

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