HOSPECO® Health Gards® Regular Toilet Seat Cover Refill

HOSPECO® Health Gards® Regular Toilet Seat Cover Refill

Item # HS-HG2500

  • A cost effective, sanitary method of meeting personal hygiene needs in public restrooms. Self-disposing. Biodegradable.
2500 ct., 10/250/cs
Manufacturer #: HG-2500
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  • Attacks Pathogens
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Faster Dissolving  =  No Clogs

Ultra Sanitary . . . .

What Your Visitors Expect.

Hospeco toilet seat cover refills fit any standard toilet seat cover holder, including those listed below.  Unlike other seat covers . . . these are specially engineered to dissolve faster, thus avoiding the mess and hassle of clogged toilets.

Visitors, employees, customers and executives DO NOT want to be disgusted by not having option to use a toilet seat cover, especially in the womens restroom.

Top  Users:
-  Office Buildings
-  Airports + Train Stations
-  Amusement Parks + Zoos
-  Hotels + Resorts
-  Restaurants
-  Universities
-  Retail Stores
-  Churches
-  Fitness Centers
-  Government
-  Military

2500 toilet seat covers per case.  Fast dissolving.  

When your hard-earned reputation + image . . . just matters more.

Available in various size packages.

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