Heritage Bag X-Liner Black Liner - 46 x 50, 1.5 mil

Heritage Bag X-Liner Black Liner - 46 x 50, 1.5 mil

Item # HB-H9250SK

  • 60 Gallon Capacity
46 x 50, 1.5 mil, 100/cs
Manufacturer #: X9250AK
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Beast of Trash Bags.

No Tearing + No Leaking.

Staff Hate Cleaning Up Those Disgusting Messes.

Staff hate nothing more than the giant pain in the a** hassle of having to cleanup disgusting liquids, nasty or whatever horrid crud is in the trash can.

Industrial-strength large, black trash bag is the top choice for those customers who gotta have a garbage bag . . . that never tears spilling nasty liquid and trash all over the floors and carpets.  

Top Users: 
Stadiums, Parks, Schools, Hospitals, Malls, Churches, Airports, Amusement Parks, Zoos, Theaters, Hotels + Resorts, Restaurants, Universities, Manufacturing Plants, Grocery, Catering, Deli, Office Buildings, Government, Train Stations Fire Departments, Disaster Cleanup, Prisons, Food Production, Military, etc. 

Doing trash is a tough enough job as is . . . don't make your staff endure the agony and hassle of having to cleanup after whimpy busted garbage bags. 

Perfect fit for trash cans of 50 to 65+ gallons large.  Unlike whimpy trash bags . . . never need to double-bag with this beast.

Black.    55-60 gallon.  Industrial-thickness.  46x50.  100 case.

Made from reprocessed resins including our own internally recycled raw materials. Heavy weight for tough applications.

When you just need it done right . . . and fast . . . the first time.   

60 Gallon Capacity.

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