Dixie Ultra® Smartstock® Tri-Tower Cutlery Dispenser - Black

Dixie Ultra® Smartstock® Tri-Tower Cutlery Dispenser - Black


  • Promotes good hygiene with the fully enclosed design which protects cutlery from contaminants. Speeds up restocking, just load the refill, insert, rip, pull and you're done in seconds.
  • Holds up to 390 Series T utensils
  • Universal chambers let operators configure the dispenser with any combination of Series T utensils
  • Yellow, green indicators quickly show which refills are needed
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Manufacturer #: DUSSTDSP3
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  • ADA Version
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No Disgusting Hands . . . 

Touching Your Cutlery.

Safer One-At-A-Time Cutlery Dispenser.

Dixie Smartstock tower cutlery dispenser stops other peoples disgusting + dirty hands from touching the cutlery . . . that you then put in your mouth!  No more open bins.  Safer + sanitary one-at-a-time cutlery dispenser.

Top  Users:
-  Cafeterias
-  Breakrooms
-  Restaurants + Deli
-  Hotels + Resorts
-  Concessions
-  Airports
-  Stadiums + Theaters
-  Schools + Universities
-  Convenience Stores + Gas Stations

Add + order cutlery refills listed below that fit this cutlery dispenser.

Compact black tower.  Holds 390 forks, spoons and knives.  Easy to refill.  

When health and safety of others (including your own) . . . just matters more.

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