Dixie Ultra® Smartstock® Series T - Knife, Black

Dixie Ultra® Smartstock® Series T - Knife, Black

Item # GP-DUSSK5

  • For use with dispenser: DUSSTDSP3
  • Length: 6.990"
  • 40 count per refill, 24 refills per case
Black, Knife, 24/40/cs
Manufacturer #: DUSSK5
  • $0 Express Delivery
Others: $125.00/CS
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Stop Disgusting  . . . 

Strangers Hands Touching . . . 

Cutlery You Use

There is nothing more disgusting than those places that use cutlery bins, etc. that fails to cover and protect that cutlery from touching others hands.
  Top  Users  
-  Corporate Cafeterias
-  Schools + Universities
-  Theaters + Stadiums
-  Hospitals + Nursing Homes
-  Airports + Theaters
-  Churches
-  Deli + Grocery
-  Malls
-  Office Buildings
-  Government
-  Military

Smartstock Knife Refills.  Black.  Extra strong.  Fits Dixie Smartstock dispenser below.

When health of others (including your own) . . . just matters more.

These pre-counted and pre-assembled refills make it fast and easy to restock an empty dispenser. Just pick up a new cutlery refill, slide it into the dispenser, grasp the pull tab and pull away the paper band, close the door and you're done. It's really simple! There are refills for forks, knives and multi-purpose spoons (basic teaspoon shape with a deeper profile for soup). Black color.

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