GP Pro™ enMotion® Flex Recessed Touchless Dispenser

GP Pro™ enMotion® Flex Recessed Touchless Dispenser

Item # GP-59766

  • 99.9% jam-free dispensing. Color-coded indicators make leasing intuitive. Auto-feed feature grabs and guides paper towel, and makes loading easier.
Stainless, ea
Manufacturer #: 59766
  • * 10 Year Warranty *
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  • ADA Version
Others: $541.50/EA
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Elegant + Rugged.

  ADA Compliant Version  

Jam-Free + Faster Dispensing.

10 Year Warranty.

Georgia Pacific 59766 EnMotion flex paper towel dispenser is 99.9% jam-free . . . and, better yet it faster + easier for staff to reload than other pain-in-the-behind dispensers.

Auto-switch uses up smaller roll before auto-loading the new, larger roll = way, way less $$$ wasted paper rolls.

Top Users: 
Office Buildings, Airports, Theaters, Stadiums, Malls, Hospitals, Universities, Schools, Resorts + Hotels, Restaurants, Retail Stores, Fitness Centers, Amusement Parks, Zoos, Churches, Government, Military, etc.

Also fits in Georgia Pacific 59753 recessed wall unit too, in addition to other existing steel units made by:  Bobrick, Bradley, ASI, etc.

No touch automatic.  Stainless Steel.  21.25"H x 13.31"W x 7.97"D.  Installs (recesses) into any wall.  Includes 4 longer lasting commercial "D" cell batteries.

When your hard-earned, valuable image and reputation . . . just matters more.

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