GP Pro™ Compact® Vertical Double Tissue Dispenser-White

GP Pro™ Compact® Vertical Double Tissue Dispenser-White

Item # GP-56767A

  • Provides up to six times the capacity of single standard 2-ply rolls while maintaining your professional look.
  • Delivers 3000 sheets of quality 2-ply tissue
  • Delivers 6000 sheets of 1-ply tissue
White, ea
Manufacturer #: 56767A
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  • ADA Version
  • * 10 Year Warranty *
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Want to really infuriate folks . . . ?

You fail to provide enough and run out of toilet paper.

Georgia Pacific 56767A Compact coreless toilet paper dispenser is a 2 roll dispenser that holds an equivalent of 6 standard rolls of toilet paper . . .  why is that such a big deal? 

Way, way fewer run outs = less angry execs, customers, employees and visitors who just sat down on the toilet only to discover there's not toilet paper left.  That's why the 2 roll coreless toilet paper dispenser is a must-have for high traffic restrooms. 

Unlike other ugly, tacky looking toilet paper dispensers . . . this is elegant to fit decor of office buildings, resorts & hotels, hospitals, universities, restaurants, schools, museums, churches, fitness centers, etc. 

Locking dispenser stops theft and vandalism.  Easily and quickly screws into existing holes in wall and stall dividers. 

Vertical holds 2 coreless rolls.  Elegant White.

ADA Compliant Version. 

When your hard-earned, valuable image and reputation matters most . . . .

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